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Less Is More In Dentistry

There are consequential new developments in Michigan dentistry: stronger, natural-looking materials; improved techniques; more effective diagnostic methods; and more precise instruments. Combine these with the experience and expertise of Drs. Greg & Joanne Szalai and you’re left with less of

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4 Reasons To Get Your Child To Your Detroit Dentist

Did you know that The American Dental Association recommends that a child’s first visit to a dentist should occur around twelve months of age? For many parents in the Dearborn, Taylor, and Southgate area, this may come as a surprise.

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5 Benefits Of Preventive Dentistry For Detroit Kids

At Szalai & Szalai DDS in Allen Park, we promote preventative dental care by developing decay prevention plans and helping our patients establish and maintain proper dental practices. If today’s Allen Park kids can avoid tooth decay, they can save themselves more than you may realize.

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Focusing On The Top 3 At Szalai & Szalai DDS In Allen Park

We’re Greg & Joanne Szalai. We’ve been practicing dentistry here in Allen Park, Michigan since 1987. We have found amazing people in this community, all the way out to Detroit. At Szalai & Szalai DDS, we focus on three important things as we strive to be your dental provider of choice.

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Detroit Parents Need To Understand The Importance Of Baby Teeth!

Dearborn, Allen Park, and Detroit parents shouldn’t feel like they are wasting their time because baby teeth are more important than many people might think.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Happy, Dearborn!

A happy mouth is not only a healthy mouth, but also a mouth that can enjoy the flavors of all types of foods.

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Gum Infection and Premature Birth—The Surprising Connection

Gregory Szalai, D.D.S. Joanne Szalai, D.D.S. “Gum disease may even affect your unborn child. Pregnant women with periodontitis are much more likely to give birth to premature babies than women with healthy gums are.” Source: The test is back

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Dentistry For Your Allen Park Child

Szalai & Szalai DDS provides dentistry for child patients. Our dentistry for child patients is performed by our caring and professional staff and always takes into consideration the special circumstances that children require. A little extra patience with our child

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Healthy Baby Teeth For Allen Park Toddlers

Dearborn cosmetic dentists and pediatric dentists in the Allen Park area advise taking your child to his first dental appointment six months after the first tooth appears.

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Child-Friendly Allen Park Dentist

Starting early general dentistry visits will mean that later in life your Allen Park child is less likely to require braces or other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants.

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