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Zoom Teeth Bleaching With Your Allen Park Dentist

Teeth Whitening for Patients in Detroit, Dearborn, & Allen Park

tooth whitening Dearborn MI and DetroitWhen someone walks into a room and their teeth are very white, isn’t that the first thing you notice about them? You’ll also notice that people with bright white teeth are usually are smiling a lot – and they look amazing! Have you ever wished that could be you?

Sometimes, even the best dental regimens like regular tooth brushing and flossing cannot prevent the regular staining of your teeth. Teeth may become yellow or discolored over time, especially if you drink coffee or wine regularly or use tobacco products. Fortunately, there are teeth whitening or “teeth bleaching” solutions that can take your blah smile and sparkle it up. You can rely on our Dearborn dentists to provide tooth whitening and teeth bleaching treatments that will dazzle you and everyone who sees your new smile.

Teeth Whitening Options near Dearborn

Zoom professional teeth whitening in Dearborn, Detroit, & Allen ParkOur Allen Park Dental Care doctors and their friendly, well-trained team can offer you several different effective teeth whitening options to provide you with glowing and amazing teeth. For example, our in-house teeth whitening kits enable you to accurately control the shade you want your teeth to become. There is also Zoom whitening, which is a quick and simple in-office tooth whitening procedure that can noticeably remove the stains of your teeth and provide you with a whiter smile. If those options don’t serve your needs, we have other teeth bleaching options as well.

How the Zoom Tooth Whitening Solution in Detroit Works

teeth bleaching Allen Park dentist Detroit MI

  1. Before going through the Zoom whitening tooth bleaching procedure, we will give you a dental exam to make sure your mouth is cavity-free and any other dental issues are resolved.
  2. During the Zoom whitening tooth bleaching procedure, our Dearborn, MI, dentist will cover your lips and gums to protect them when applying the Zoom Whitening formula.
  3. In three 10-minute phases, your teeth are exposed to a special kind of tooth whitening procedure lamp, triggering the special teeth whitening compounds in the Zoom whitening gel. As this happens, oxygen enters the tooth, cleaning away all the discoloration. What remains is sparkling, dazzling white teeth!

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We want you to smile with pride and show off the whitest teeth possible. Call us today about our teeth whitening procedures if you are in the Detroit area, from Allen Park to Dearborn MI. Tooth whitening is amazing and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.