Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology at Allen Park Dental Care

At Allen Park Dental Care, we believe in giving you the best, most up to date technology.


Curodont rebuilds and repairs enamel at the first signs of cavities without drilling or filling. This new technology effectively regenerates a tooth at the first signs of breakdown. This non-invasive, 5 minute chairside treatment uses fluoride, calcium, phosphate, and other minerals found in the patient’s own saliva to rebuild and prevent cavities from growing.

iTero scanner

iTero scanners are top of the line technology that allow our team to take photorealistic scans to visualize and design restorative treatment. It eliminates the need for creating physical molds and streamlines the process to design your crowns, veneers, bridges, and invisalign. The 3D images are extremely precise and allow us to gather the most accurate information, leading to quicker and more accurate treatment.


The DIAGNOdent allows us to more effectively identify and diagnose decay in a non-invasive manner. The laser fluorescence detector is a precise method for measuring cavities in the grooves of teeth and between teeth before it would be detected with other methods.

AI Pearl and Overjet software

Our Overjet and Pearl softwares utilize AI to detect decay and quantify bone loss. The software works as a second set of eyes to measure the depths of cavities, measure bone loss over time, and identify pathologies. With this additional visual representation, we ensure that we are providing the best care possible.