What Our Patients Say

Allen Park Dental Care Patient Testimonials

We love our patients and are so happy to receive unsolicited thanks from them for their porcelain veneers, dentures, dental crowns, and most importantly their beautiful smiles!

“Thank you so much for providing the best dental care, by far, that I have ever received. Your entire staff is a reflection of not only the excellence that you both clearly embody but also, and perhaps of equal importance, they all reflect your gentle, friendly, professional demeanor.

As a self-employed professional, without dental insurance, I really appreciate your willingness to care for my considerable oral challenges and provide creative financial options. You make me feel like a VIP every time I come in. And I know from talking with some of your other patients at the 2011 Christmas Open House, that you treat all of your patients that way.

I intend to be a patient for life along with my wife and daughter. May God continue to bless your practice, your staff, and especially your family!”

–Tom Léger

“Someone asked me recently why I patronize your dental office. After giving my answer verbally, it occurred to me that I should share those thoughts with you in writing.

First, I appreciate your thorough professionalism. You do such good work! I have never experienced pain or discomfort in your office. Any tooth you treat feels absolutely normal when you are done. You and your professional team keep up with the latest advances and developments in your field. I always feel that I am in good hands.

Everyone at Allen Park Dental Care has a warm smile and genuine concern for your patients. Both of you are compassionate and attentive.

May God continue to bless you with good health and a thriving practice.”

—Gloria King

“Words cannot express how pleased I am with my new crowns on my top four front teeth. They look so natural and match my few existing natural teeth.

I wish I had these done five years ago for my daughter’s wedding!!”

—Toni Tesen

Just a note of thanks for the outstanding job on my new smile! I was always embarrassed in how my teeth had looked and always tried to hide my them. Now, in just a few visits, you have given me the smile I’ve always dreamed of…Straight, White and Beautiful.

One thing for sure… My new smile has given me confidence and raised my self-esteem. I want to share it with everyone. It really feels great when other people compliment me on my beautiful new smile. I’m just sorry I waited so long to have this done. I can’t wait to do my lower teeth soon.

Thanks for changing my life and make me feel like a new man.

—Larry Buckles

I just wanted to thank you and your team so much for putting a confident smile on my face! I was always so self-conscious when I smiled that I was always smiling with my mouth closed. Since the porcelain veneers, I am ecstatic in how they look. I am confident in my new smile and love showing it off. My only regret… I wished I had not waited so long done it many years ago!

—Pat Stevens

If you’re like me, you remember the days when going to the dentist was a very unpleasant experience. Or perhaps you had my later experience of being treated to the “assembly line” style of “move ’em in and get ’em out” dentistry that I grew fed up with a few years ago.

That’s when I called Allen Park Dental Care, owned by a husband and wife team: Drs. Greg and Joanne Szalai. The difference was like night and day. It was a series of “firsts.”

The first time a dentist had invited me into a consulting room and actually explained various procedures I may need—in detail and with photos. The first time my blood pressure was ever taken in a dentist’s office before treatment began. (By the way, my MD was astounded when I told him and sent his compliments to the Szalais.) And the first time I learned how neglected my teeth had become, although I had regular dental checkups. The first time a dentist sent my dress shirt out to a one-hour cleaners while I was in his chair because it got damp while he was working on my teeth. It was also the first time a dentist arranged to meet me at his office on a Sunday afternoon to replace a temporary crown that had popped loose.

Am I pleased with the cosmetic results of the crowns that were placed on my teeth? Absolutely. I find myself smiling more rather than hiding my teeth with a tight smile. But I’m even more pleased with the care and personal attention these two dentists and their staff have given my wife and me. Yes, I have highly recommended them to friends and acquaintances. Now, I have the opportunity to recommend them to you. Try them. You will never regret it.

—C. Thomas Scholl, Dearborn

I just had to write and let you know how pleased I have been with my new smile.

The work was done so efficiently and well that it turned out to be easier than I expected, in fact I was rather relaxed through the whole process. But then, I always feel comfortable and relaxed when I am in for any kind of dental work because I like everyone there.

As a senior citizen, I used to think “why bother” it’s a little late to worry about how your teeth look, as long as you keep them clean and healthy who cares what they look like. Now that I have a new smile I feel that it is never too late and one is never too old to enjoy a bright new smile. A new smile can actually make you feel upbeat and a little younger, and that is a good feeling at any age.

—Barbara M. Duda

I just had to write and let you know how great I feel about myself now that I have a beautiful new smile that you have given me.

I was teased growing up because my 2 front teeth were larger than the rest of my teeth, a trait I inherited from my dad. I was called names like bucky beaver and bugs bunny and when you are a young teenage girl these names do nothing for your self esteem. As I grew up the name calling stopped but those thoughts were always with me every time I smiled.

Now I smile with confidence and I no longer hear the echo of the names from my youth. Thank you for giving me my great smile!

—Jivaughn LaForest

The one thing that has kept me from going to the dentist was the embarrassment, not so much the pain but the fact that I had neglected my teeth for so long and my other dental experiences were far from pleasant. The one thing that was most impressive to me was the fact that Dr Greg and the whole team made me feel so comfortable and everyone was so nice. I actually looked forward to my dentist appointments. I have never felt uncomfortable or afraid to ask any questions. They took the time to answer all my questions. I would and have recommended Allen Park Dental to all my friends and family.
—Karen Travis

I will be 64 this year and approximately three years ago, I began dental treatments with Dr. Joanne and Dr. Greg Szalai.

I had a mouthful of silver fillings and very ugly eye teeth. I had been told by my old dentist there was nothing that could be done for me. After becoming a patient a patient at Allen Park dental, I can now smile without feeling awkward about my teeth showing.

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Dr. Joanne to restore my teeth, and the wonderful friendly team who assist her and Dr. Greg, my teeth now feel fantastic and look great. I am no longer uncomfortable about putting a smile on my face.

—Jean Ray

Teeth and tires had always been my pet peeves, in that we can put a man on the moon, yet these two important things remained inferior. While we don’t always have power to change everything in our lives, the ability to improve our looks remains within our grasp, which in turn can make those other irritations more tolerable.

An improved smile can change your outlook; it is empowering and lends self-confidence. It diminishes age and lights the face. It can improve diction and freshen the breath. Other people look at you differently and accept you more readily. You can also floss without having those shreds of it left between the teeth to annoy you forever. These things and more have been my experience.

Owing much to your dedication to best practices, and to the newest techniques that the science offers, you and your staff have achieved and outstanding service. It is with great respect and appreciation that this commendation is offered to Drs. Szalai and their staff.
Now, if you can do something about my tires…

—Carol Wiume