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Stop Snoring In Allen Park

Happy couple getting good sleep from snoring treatment in Allen ParkDo you suffer sleepless nights because of a snoring spouse? Are you the one causing your partner discomfort because you snore? You are not alone; in fact, an estimated third of all Americans snore or suffer from other sleep problems.

Snoring involves the constriction or near collapse of the airway. The noise you hear when you (or your bed partner) snores is the vibration of the tissues of the throat as the air passes into your lungs. Snoring can be the result of many different conditions and circumstances, including:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Alcohol, smoking and fatigue
  • Nasal allergies that lead to irritated and inflamed nose tissue
  • Poor muscle tone in the tongue, palate and throat
  • Physical abnormalities such as a long soft palate

Snoring Treatment Options in Allen Park, MI

picture of angry woman with snoring partner in bedSnoring is a common condition that affects many people in the Detroit area. Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction of the airway during sleep. The treatment for snoring depends on the underlying cause of the problem. The good thing is after you receive a snoring diagnosis from our doctor, Allen Park Dental Care can help you stop snoring. Dearborn dentist Dr. Szalai can then prescribe a snoring treatment that will address your specific snoring issues. This treatment may include a snoring appliance that is custom-shaped to the snoring suffers’ mouth. This snoring mouthpiece or dental device is worn while sleeping, making it a simple solution to a chronic problem, helping you to stop snoring.

Lifestyle | One of the most common treatment options for snoring is lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, avoiding alcohol and sedatives before bedtime, and sleeping on your side.

Oral Appliance | Other treatment options include oral snoring appliances, which are worn in the mouth and help to reposition the jaw and tongue to keep the airway open, and surgery, which can help to remove or reduce the size of excess tissue in the airway that is blocking the airflow.

More severe snoring cases can receive additional treatment and care from our office in Allen Park in the Detroit Michigan area. It is important to consult with a sleep specialist to determine the underlying cause of your snoring, and to find the best treatment option for you. Your treatment may involve a combination of lifestyle changes, therapy, and medical devices.

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