Sleep Problems

Treat Sleep Disorders With Your Allen Park Dentist

sleep disorders Allen Park dentistDr. Joanne and Dr. Greg Szalai of Allen Park Dental Care know the connection between oral health and the rest of the body. That’s why with every checkup, they not only check your teeth and gums, they also examine your glands, your tongue, and your throat for signs of oral cancer or other illnesses or disorders.

In addition, these Detroit dentists near Dearborn MI are both highly trained in sleep disorders and can treat sleep problems that have been diagnosed by a doctor, such as snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring issues and sleep apnea may seem like minor nighttime inconveniences, but without adequate treatment they can lead to more serious problems.

Issues Caused By Sleep Disorders

  • Poor concentration and memory loss
  • Lowered health and immune system
  • Increased weight gain and muscle weakness
  • Cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, even diabetes

Not to mention the stresses these sleep problems can have on the relationship with your bed partner. If you have problems sleeping, you can overcome them with the help of the Szalai’s in the Dearborn MI area. They’ll help you learn why you snore and how to reduce it, and stop the sleep apnea that can be a more serious threat to your health.

If you live or work in the Detroit/Dearborn MI/Allen Park Michigan area and you have problems sleeping, your sleep problems can be put to rest. Call the experts in treating sleep disorders at Szalai & Szalai DDS to schedule an appointment. It is the first step to ending your sleep problems, improving your health, and getting a good night’s sleep.