5-Star Service

Patient Amenities and Comfort in Detroit

Cosmetic Dentistry Allen Park Michigan 5-Star Service“Our 5-Star Service Transforms Routine, Necessary Health Care into a Most Pleasant Experience”

While you’re with us, won’t you please kick off your shoes, and help yourself to a variety of snacks, juices, waters, and coffee. Enjoy some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as well.

Wrap yourself in a cozy polar fleece blanket and grab some stereo headphones that are always available for your listening pleasure.

At the end of your visit, you’ll be handed a steaming hot lemon-scented cotton facecloth to freshen up, as well as your choice of flavored lip balm to soothe your lips throughout your appointment. Dentistry absolutely need not be anything less than a pampered pleasant experience.

In the restroom, we have complimentary toothbrushes and mouth wash, Bath and Body Works lotions, soaps, and fragrances. Our office is latex-free for your protection.

Please call our office in Allen Park Michigan near Dearborn MI in the Detroit area or fill out the form on the right of this page to schedule an appointment. I know you will be delighted, not only with the treatment but with the way you are treated.

5-star service Allen Park dentist