Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns With Your Detroit Dentist In Allen Park MI

dental crowns for teeth in Southgate MI and DetroitDo you have fragile or chipped teeth? Do you have a dental bridge that requires mending? If so, then you might be the perfect candidate for a dental crown. Dental crowns for teeth are perhaps one of the most widely-used prosthetic solutions in restorative dentistry to fix these problems – and more.

The dental crown, also called a tooth crown, is a small covering set on your teeth to make it stronger. A dental crown can also be used to restore the natural shape of your tooth or even just to enhance its visual appearance.

There are various kinds of dental crowns for teeth created from many different types of materials. In the past, precious metals like gold, silver, and stainless steel were the only options for a tooth crown. These crowns for teeth are very strong and are a viable option as crowns for teeth. However, over the past several years and a couple of technological advances later, other treatments and dental crown material has been invented, which we also offer. We will partner with you to help you choose what dental crown material will work with you. Here at Allen Park Dental Care, Drs. Gregory and Joanne Szalai are proud to offer one of the most advanced and high quality dental crown procedures available. Besides the traditional methods, we also provide ceramic and porcelain dental crowns for teeth.

Tooth Crown Procedure

The regular procedure in getting crowns for your teeth can take a few weeks and a couple of dental visits. The very first step is cleaning your mouth and the reshaping of tooth where the tooth crown will be applied. This will allow the dental crown to snugly fit on your tooth and match nicely with your other teeth. An imprint of your tooth will then be taken in order to manufacture the tooth crown. When the dental crown is created, you will visit our office to have it mounted on your tooth.

Drs. Gregory and Joanne Szalai regard your comfort as an extra high priority. We treat you as a valued patient, and offer you 5-star service. If you are in the Detroit area and think you are in need of a tooth crown, please call or visit our Allen Park office today. We’d be happy to partner with your to get your smile fabulous with a dental crown. Our services are available to patients throughout the area, from Southgate MI to Allen Park.