How Oral Inflammation Affects Your Health

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Swollen and painful gums are symptoms of periodontal disease, an inflammatory gum disease. At Allen Park Dental Care, we see patients every day who complain about pain and discomfort. Swelling of the gums occurs from an auto-immune response of the body reacting to an infection. Infections are noticeable through pain, redness, and warmth. If the […]

3 Smart Smile Solutions

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In this article from Allen Park Dental Care, we take a look at three procedures often used in cosmetic dental smile makeovers. Dental Implants: Dental implants are transforming dentistry. For most patients, a dental implant is the prime solution for a missing tooth. A dental implant is a metal (usually titanium) rod implanted into the […]

Teen Teeth: Adolescent Oral Health

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If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager, this Allen Park Dental Care post is for you. We’ll discuss dental issues of special concern to adolescents. Dental risks for teens include both developmental and lifestyle-related factors. At our practice, we see decay and gum disease far too often in teens. Possible causes […]

It Doesn’t Take Long To Beautify Your Smile

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At Allen Park Dental Care, we can improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Possibilities include restoring cracked or discolored teeth, straightening them, or even replacing those that are missing. We all want to have the best possible smiles, but cosmetic dentistry is more than just appearance. Straight teeth are easier to care for, and make […]

Soda Spells Double Trouble

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Soft drinks, soda, pop. No matter what you call it, it has been the beverage of choice for generations of kids. No one has ever confused it with healthy beverages, and in this post from Allen Park Dental Care, we’ll give you another reason to avoid this ubiquitous drink. For dental health, soda deals a […]

5 Ways To Prevent A Cracked Tooth

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Cracked teeth can be painful, unattractive, and costly to repair. In this post from Allen Park Dental Care, we offer an easy-to-follow list of tips to keep your teeth whole and strong. Avoid chewing on hard things. Patients should steer clear of ice, hard candies, hard nuts, popcorn, and beef jerky. Beware pitted fruits. That […]

What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

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When a wisdom tooth tries to come in but is obstructed by the adjacent tooth, it becomes impacted and can result in such complications as pain, inflammation, or tooth decay. At Allen Park Dental Care, we can extract wisdom teeth. It’s challenging to clean partially-erupted wisdom teeth. Since they have a high risk of decay, […]