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5 Tools For Tooth Transformations

Too-small teeth. Misshapen teeth. Cracked teeth. Chipped teeth. Spacing irregularities. These problems are all-too-common. But you don’t have to live with them! With the advances in cosmetic dentistry, there are fixes for these vexing tooth problems! 1. Veneers. (Also called

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Chipped Tooth? No Need To Panic With Szalai & Szalai DDS

Drs. Greg & Joanne Szalai can fix a chipped tooth in a jiffy by determining the right solution and expertly preforming the procedure. Decay, missing teeth, braces, and even crowns can impact the course of treatment.

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Captivate Audiences in Michigan Once Again

Hello Allen Park! Remember when being a toothless five-year-old captivated friends and family? When a lisp was considered precious and endearing? Doesn’t really work for adults in the Detroit area. Toothless smiles are embarrassing and lisps can make you self-conscious.

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Bright Smiles In Detroit

OTC tooth whitening products in Detroit like kits or strips may slightly lighten stains, but for a truly brilliant smile, Drs. Szalai & Szalai can help!

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Restorative Dentistry Can Fix Your Cavities in Detroit

Inlays and onlays are a type of restorative dentistry used successfully at Szalai & Szalai DDS in Detroit. They are usually bigger than conventional fillings yet smaller than complete dental crowns.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Detroit

Detroit cosmetic dental techniques and materials have advanced to a point where total and near-total mouth reconstruction is possible right here in the Detroit area.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Detroit

When a tooth has decay or has been damaged, restorative dentistry is needed to ‘restore’ the tooth to its previous intact condition. A dental filling is one of the most common and well-known types of restorations.

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Live Better With Dental Implants in Allen Park

Unfortunately, many frustrated denture wearers have quit dining in restaurants or engaging in social activities because they are afraid their dentures will slip. Implant dental procedures at Szalai & Szalai DDS in Allen Park are allowing former Dearborn denture patients to re-engage in life. Consider the advantages of implant anchored dentures:

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Szalai & Szalai DDS on Jaw Bone Deterioration

Though tooth extraction is often the only possible treatment for our Allen Park patients with tooth damage beyond repair, every effort should be made to preserve the root structure.

Fortunately, tooth implants provide a new root which keeps the surrounding bone healthy and strong. A dental implant consists of a titanium post which is placed in the jaw bone. It replaces the original root and eventually integrates into the surrounding bone. After the implant has been placed and the surrounding bone has healed and meshed with the implant, a post is inserted into the implant. The new artificial tooth, or crown, is then attached to the post. Implant restoration is a safe and effective treatment for tooth loss.

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Total Tooth Restoration

Many lucky Allen Park residents who have received smile makeovers at Szalai & Szalai DDS believe their dazzling new smile brightens their whole face. Some Detroit professionals have corrected tooth problems prior to beginning a search for new employment. A beautiful smile is essential to a polished appearance. Allen Park cosmetic dentistry is not just for people in the public eye, it is for anyone who desires a youthful looking smile.

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