What If My Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

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‘Knocked’ is a rather benign word for a jolt so violent it dislodges a tooth. Ouch! At Allen Park Dental Care, we hope this never happens to you. But if it does, we can assure you: it’s a genuine dental emergency, and you must seek treatment immediately.

Technically, a knocked out tooth is called avulsed. If your tooth is knocked out, or if you see a friend have a knocked out tooth, here’s what to do:

1. Find the Tooth

If you’re in panic mode, try to calm down. Ask for help. Find the tooth and handle it carefully. Pick it up by the crown (the chewing part) and do not touch the root. Keep it in the best condition possible. Rinse it off if it’s covered with stuff, but do not scrub it.

2. Don’t Touch the Root!

Do not handle the tooth by the root. Only touch the crown.

The ideal place for the tooth to be held is back where it came from—in the socket. Try to place it there if you can. Otherwise, you can keep it between the cheek and gums. Keeping it moist is important.

3. Call Us ASAP!

Next, you’ll want to get to our office right away. To be blunt, it’s a race against the clock. Many teeth that are reinserted by a dentist within an hour can be saved.

Having a tooth knocked out is one of the most critical dental emergencies there is, and if we see you in time there is an excellent chance the tooth can be saved. At Allen Park Dental Care we offer restorative and emergency dentistry, as well as complete family dentistry services. Call for an appointment today!

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