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Our caring and professional staff is committed to helping our patients achieve superior oral health. We always encourage our patients to build good dental habits in their Dearborn, Taylor, or Southgate homes so that the whole family can benefit. We enjoy educating patients on subjects such as proper toothbrush care, correct flossing, and choosing the highest quality dental products.

5 Ways To Floss Daily In Allen Park

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5 Ways To Floss Daily From Your Allen Park Dentist

Hello Dearborn! If you want to floss regularly but are too tired at night, this post is for you. In our Szalai & Szalai DDS blog, we want to give you a few ideas for unique times to floss and keep your teeth and gums healthy. 1. If you’re an early riser, try flossing in […]

“Get Your Teeth In Shape, Detroit!”

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Get Your Teeth In Shape With Cosmetic Dentistry, Dearborn!

These days Detroit residents are more conscious of their health than ever. Many of us are trying to stay active, eat a balanced diet, and better manage stress. When you feel healthy, attractive, and happy, you smile more often. You want your smile to compliment and enhance your physical and mental condition. Here at Szalai […]