Oral Ailments Detroit Dentists Can Address

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Oral Ailments Your Allen Park Dentist Can Address

Most dental patients in the Detroit and Allen Park area know that they can go to their local dentist for toothaches, cleanings, and bleeding gums (not to mention cosmetic dentistry procedures such as a smile makeover), but there are some lesser-known oral concerns that your Detroit dentist can also help you with.

Dry mouth, technically called xerostomia, is caused by a lack of saliva and can be quite uncomfortable. It also predisposes Michigan dental patients to a host of problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. There are some treatments, but a lot of Allen Park residents experience dry mouth because of certain medications or diseases, so make sure to bring a list of current medications with you to your appointment.

Bad breath is usually a result of bacteria build-up in the mouth, and regular trips to your Allen Park dentist can help you keep your mouth clean and the bacteria count within a sweet-smelling range. But, if you have good oral hygiene and regular check-ups and cleanings, then your dentist will be crucial in helping you discover the source of your halitosis.

Jaw clicking and jaw discomfort are symptoms you should have checked with your dentist immediately as they can be a signs of serious oral issues.

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