Dental Implants And Smile Makeovers

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Here is a question from Allen Park Dental Care: what makes a gorgeous smile?

Don’t answer that. The answers, of course, are a matter of opinion, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But missing teeth, and a gap in your smile, can be unsightly.

Missing Teeth

When smiling, talking, laughing, or eating, the gap from a missing tooth shows. Even if the remaining teeth are white, straight, and pleasingly shaped, the eyes tend to fixate on the space where a tooth should be.

Dental Implants and Smile Makeovers

The good news? You can restore missing teeth with dental implants!

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, or they can be used as anchors for dentures. An implant is a titanium post is inserted into your jaw bone, replacing the missing tooth root. In time it fuses with the bone to create a solid base.

A single implant can support a single artificial tooth. Several implants can support a set of dentures. Implants look like natural teeth, and even better, they function like natural teeth, restoring near-normal biting and chewing power.

Dental implants from Allen Park Dental Care are the closest thing to getting back a natural tooth. Find out more by scheduling a consultation today. We also offer family dentistry. Schedule an appointment today!

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